General Troubleshooting

Last Updated: May 31, 2019
  1. All King-Devick applications can have their password reset by navigating to Once there, select the category of your product from the drop-down, and then the product itself. Finally enter your e-mail and select Reset Password.

  2. Once you click Reset Password, you will be taken to this confirmation screen indicating that a reset e-mail will be sent if the entered username is valid, and a message indicating all devices signed in with that user MUST be signed out BEFORE resetting the password.

    DO NOT neglect this, as leaving a mobile device logged in with the old password will result in that device no longer being able to sync. The only way to resolve this is to contact King-Devick Support and there is a possibility for data loss as a result.

  3. If the username is valid, an e-mail will be sent to the recovery e-mail for that account. Inside of the e-mail there will be a link that is valid for 3 hours (highlighted in red below ) that will take you to enter the new password.

    If the link has expired by the time you have a chance to complete the reset, you will be given an option to generate a new password reset automatically.

  4. After following the link you will be provided with a screen to enter the new password. K-D passwords must adhere to the following rules:

    • At least one letter
    • At least one capital letter
    • At least one number
    • Be at least eight characters in length

    If any of the rules are not met you will be shown what is missing. You may also check Show Passwords if you would like to see what you have typed. Click Reset to complete the process.