Last Updated: April 24, 2020
  1. When first opening the KD4Kids app you will be asked to sign in or get started. If you have a KD4Kids enabled account select "Have an account? Sign in" and sign in using the username and password you created. Otherwise you will need to sign up. If you are not sure if you have an account contact for further assistance.

    signing in
  2. Once you have logged in, you may select a book by tapping on it. If the book has not already been downloaded on the device it will install the book.

    Tip: If you have trouble downloading a book confirm you are connected to the internet and that your device's local storage is not full

    downloading books
  3. Once you have downloaded your book you may tap its icon again to view it's title page. From there you can tap the library button in the top left to go back to the library page to select a different book, the start button in the bottom right to begin with the default settings, or the settings button in the bottom left to customize your experience.

    book title page
  4. Within Settings, you can configure a number of different options:
  5. settings page
    • Story Mode- This setting dictates what actually happens when you hit Start. You can go through the default story experience (You go through the story, counting quizzes, and eye movement training), run through only the counting quizzes associated with that story, or skip straight to the eye movement training.

      A quiz page from one of the books

    • Storytelling Audio-Using this setting you can change whether the story will play with the pre-recorded audio or with audio you record.

      Record your own voice page from one of the books

    • Training Display-This will toggle which objects the child is calling out during practice (numbers, shapes, colors, farm animals, zoo animals). Numbers are the default and usually easiest, but this may vary from child to child. KD eye movement training in progress
    • Eye Movement Training Level-This dictates how quickly the eye movement training targets will appear and disappear during eye movement training.
  6. Once you tap start the book will begin (unless you opted to do only counting quizzes or eye movement training) and read to the child. Depending on the story, the child will be presented with counting questions either throughout, or at the end of the story. Once the story and quiz are completed the eye movement training will begin. At this point the child should try and track the objects on the screen with their eyes only and try to call out the objects as they appear while maintaining as much accuracy as possible. If the child is struggling to maintain accuracy attempt to turn down the speed within the settings. Afterwards the child may choose to practice again or go back to the library page and choose another story.