General Troubleshooting

Last Updated: April 15, 2019

On a Windows based PC there are two primary ways to take screen shots.

Method #1

The most obvious is via the print screen button on most keyboards. In the case pictured below it is the FN and scroll lock key (highlighted red below). On Most US layout keyboards the key is usually in the area highlighted blue, though it can vary by model and manufacture. This will capture the entire screen to your clipboard and can then be pasted into an MS paint document or e-mail. Pressing the ALT key as well, will make the function only capture the current application.


Method #2

The slightly more involved method is via the built in Windows Snipping Tool. There is additional support information about this tool available here:

Snipping Tool  New Mode  Cancel  Options  Select the snip mode using the Mode button or click the New  button.

  • An abbreviated summary of use is that it can be located by selecting the Start Button in the bottom left corner of the screen and then typing "Snipping Tool" to pull it up
  • It will then present you with this interface where you can use the "new" option to turn your cursor into a selector tool for what you want to screen shot