King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic

Last Updated: April 15, 2019
  1. Permissions may only be adjusted on an administrator account at In order to edit permissions go to the More menu in the top right corner of the page, and select My Account from the drop down menu.

    KDTOS Page
  2. From there select the user you would like to edit and then select the Edit Details button.

    KDTOS Edit Details Page
  3. From there you can adjust

    • General permission level (Account Admin, Team Manager, Tester. See the red arrow)
      • Account Admin - This user type has full control over the application. They can access the My account tab to do maintenance on the account (bulk delete, bulk export, manage certain settings, etc). They can also create and edit other users, including other administrators

      • Team Manager - This user is able to edit any member of their team(s), run tests, and add new subjects directly to their teams (meaning they can add a new subject to the system and assign it to their team, but they cannot add a subject without a team or add an existing subject to their team unless view all subjects is enabled). They are unable to adjust any administrative settings. Beyond the overall user type, there are several sub-settings for this user
        • View All Subjects - this setting needs to be enabled in order for the user to add existing subjects as members of their team.
        • Manage All Teams - allows the user to access players on other teams and function as their team manager despite them not having that subject assigned to the user's team. This function is required to be able to add teams.
      • Tester - a type of user who can only run tests for teams assigned to them unless they have View all Subjects enabled, in which case they may run tests on any subject

    • Subject access (view all teams/subjects, manage all teams.) See the green arrow.
    • What teams they have access to. See the blue arrow.

    KDTOS Closeup Edit Form