General Troubleshooting

Last Updated: April 15, 2019

A large number of issues encountered with the King-Devick software are caused due to conflicting sync information from the iPads running the app. As such, the following best practices are recommended to avoid sync issues:

  • Sync early and often - Especially when inputting a large amount of data (i.e. running tests for an entire team or class) it is a good idea to try and sync frequently as you're making changes in order to avoid potentially losing all of the data in case you are unable to sync later.

  • Be aware of who is making changes - it is ill advised to have multiple people making changes to the same set of information (I.e. if John is editing Sally, Billy, and Jimmy but Sue also edited Sally and Billy before John, it is likely one of the sets of data will be lost depending on who syncs first and who did the actual changes first). If multiple people will, per our example above, be working on the same team of subjects, it is best to divide the team alphabetically so there are no conflicting records.

  • Make sure you are on the most up to date version of the app - As time goes on and things are changed, how the King-Devick software syncs its data changes, so it is strongly advised to always keep your app as updated as possible in order to avoid data either not syncing at all or syncing incorrectly. The latest versions are always available from the App Store on IOS and the Google Play store on Android.

  • Avoid spotty Wi-Fi - Attempting to sync over unstable or weak Wi-Fi is almost worse than not syncing at all as it can cause partial syncs resulting in only some data carrying over OR it can result in duplicate entries carrying over. If you are in a location with weak Wi-Fi, it is advised to keep the app off of Wi-Fi entirely until a stronger connection is available.