King-Devick Test in association with Mayo Clinic

Last Updated: April 15, 2019

The KDTOS allows you to create Teams to help organize your subjects. This function is available to KDTOS account Administrators and Team Managers with access to all subjects.

  1. Navigate to the Teams page. If you are having trouble, click on the K-D logo in the top left indicated by the arrow. It appears on every page and it will take you to the teams page. Select Add Team on the right hand side.

  2. Select the Subjects who are on the Team by clicking on them. They are not limited to one Team at a time and may be in as you like. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page to finalize the Team.


    • You may use the Search function to look for specific Subject names.
    • The Filter By Team drop-down menu allows you to select another Team and view all of the Subjects in it.
    • If you are having trouble differentiating between Subjects with the same name, hovering over a Subject will show their Subject ID and date of birth.

  3. The Team will now be available in the Teams list and the selected Subjects will be assigned to it.