K-D Test Pro Monitoring

Last Updated: February 01, 2021

The King-Devick Remote App for iPad allows your K-D Test Pro Monitoring test Administrator to connect to your device to administer a K-D Test remotely. Download the free King-Devick Remote App on your iPad available from the App Store. It is recommended that the Test Administrator and the Subject connect on the phone to communicate instructions while testing. You will need to be connected to Wi-Fi.

  1. You will be provided a 6-digit Remote Connect Code that you will need to provide to your test administrator.

    Kd remote connection code screen
  2. Review the K-D Test instructions with your test administrator.

    test instructions screen
  3. Once the Demonstration Card is displayed, you will tap the screen to begin the test and proceed to Test Card 1. Timing will begin and you should begin calling the numbers aloud on the Test Cards.

    Kd remote connection code screen
  4. Instantly tap screen after calling out the last digit on each Test Card. The Test Administrator will control resuming the test between Break Cards.

    remote break card
  5. After you have completed all Test Cards, wait for confirmation of results from your test administrator.

    awaiting test resutls from admin