Last Updated: January 14, 2021

A test can be self-administered and is guided by voice narration. This narration can be toggled on and off on the test pages with the speaker button and narration can be repeated by tapping the play button.

audio controls
  1. Tap Start Test and you will be taken to a slider that will take you through the test’s instructions, use the arrows to navigate through them. Once you have reviewed the instructions tap Start Test. Cover your right eye and then tap Next.

    looping video of instruction slider

  2. Call out the letters that appear on the screen and tap check accuracy to have them read back to you. You may also tap New Letters to be shown a new letter set.

    Left eye letters

    Tip: If you are struggling to remember the letters, try writing them down before tapping Check Accuracy.

  3. The app will call out the letters that previously appeared on the screen. Enter the number of letters you identified correctly, and tap Submit. If you identified less than 50% of the letters correctly the letter size will increase, and this step will repeat.

    Error entry screen
  4. Once you have identified over 50% of a letter set, you will be shown letters in blue. Cover your right eye again and then call out the letters as they appear on the screen. Tap Check Accuracy and enter the number of letters you identified correctly until you successfully identify over 50% of the letters.

    blue letters
  5. Steps 2 through 4 will repeat for the right eye, with you covering the left eye when reading the letters.

    Video of right eye testing
  6. Once the test is complete, if the letter sizes had to increase for either eye, in either color, you will be informed that a decrease in vision performance has been detected. In this case it is recommended that you contact your eye doctor.

    Home screen showing a test with decreased performance