K-D Pro Baseline

Last Updated: July 01, 2020
  1. From the Home Screen, tap on Run Baseline Test to initiate the K-D Test.

    Screenshot of home screen with age selected
  2. The first screen the user is presented with is one explaining how to administer the test, a link to download a Test Set Score Sheet, and an option to select which Test Set will be used. There are 3 Test Sets available. As the test administrator, be sure to have the corresponding Test Set Score Sheet to follow along for errors. Test sets are the same King-Devick task with different number sets to minimize memorization. The scoresheets for all 3 Test Sets are available at http://www.kingdevicktestapp.com/phone. Tap Start to proceed to the Demonstration card.

    Note: If the subject is struggling to successfully complete a Baseline trial, this screen includes an option to reduce the number of cards down to one or two as needed.

    screenshot of instructional page
  3. The Demonstration Card is displayed, and no active, automatic timing is occurring. The test administrator should explain the task to the Subject. When both the test administrator and Subject are ready to begin, the Subject should tap the Card to begin the automatic timing and advance to Test Card 1. The Subject should immediately begin reading the numbers aloud and the test administrator should follow along on their Scoresheet to mark any errors. The Subject should read aloud the numbers from left to right on the cards as shown on the Demonstration Card as quickly as they can without making errors. This should be done without using a hand or finger to follow the number pattern.

    screenshot of demo card
  4. Once the Subject calls out the last digit on Test Card I, have them tap the Test Card to proceed to a break card. Timing is paused on all break cards. Repeat this for all Test Cards.

    screenshot of break card I
  5. On the Results Screen, enter the total number of errors committed by the Subject. Follow on screen prompts to complete baseline testing. Tap continue to proceed.

    screenshot of error entry screen
  6. A minimum of two error-free trials are required for K-D Test Baseline determination.

    first result screen indicating a second error free trial is required
  7. Upon completion of baseline testing, the K-D Test Baseline is displayed. Tap Continue to return to the Home Screen.

    Screenshot of results screen with established baseline