K-D Pro Reading

Last Updated: July 01, 2020
  1. From the Home Screen, enter the Subject's age. click Run Test to initiate the K-D Reading Test.

    Screenshot of home screen with age selected
  2. You will be taken to a page with directions explaining how to administer the test. Scoresheets are available at https://proreading.kingdevick.com/Scoresheet.pdf. Click Start to initiate the K-D Test.

    screenshot of instructional page
  3. You will be directed to the King-Devick Demonstration Card. Use this card as practice and explain to the Subject how to read aloud the numbers from left to right as quickly as they can while trying not to make errors. When the Subject understands the task at hand, have them click the screen and proceed to Test Card 1. The Test has begun, and the Subject should immediately begin calling out numbers.

    screenshot of demo card
  4. Once the Subject calls out the last digit on Test Card I, they click the screen to proceed to a break card. Timing is paused on all break cards. Repeat this for all Test Cards.

    screenshot of break card I

    Note: If the subject is 10 years old or younger and struggling to successfully complete a K-D Test, the test can be stopped after Test Card II.

  5. Upon completion of the K-D Test, enter the total number of errors committed by the Subject. Click Continue.

    Screenshot of error entry screen
  6. The Results Screen displays the Subject's speed and accuracy performance compared to age-matched normative data. Click Continue to return to the Home Screen.

    Screenshot of results screen with normative data