K-D Balance

Last Updated: May 28, 2020

When a Subject is added they are automatically activated for 1 year. After a year, the Subject expires and is Archived. Archived Subjects are not shown in search unless Include Archived is enabled. Subjects may also be Archived if they are no longer active (i.e. have been removed from the team) but you want to retain their data rather than delete them. Activating a Subject consumes a license if it has been a year or more from their Activation date and does not do so if they were manually Archived and it has been less than a year.

Archiving a Subject

  1. Search the Subject list and navigate to the Subject.

    Gif of locating subject

  2. Tap the Edit Subject button in the top right corner.

    Screenshot of the subject view with edit button highlighted

  3. On the Edit Subject screen tap Archive. The Subject is now Archived.

    Screenshot of Edit Subject Screen with archive highlighted

Activating a Subject

  1. Tap Include Archived on the homepage and search for the Subject. If the Subject is Archived their name will be italicized.

    Gif of searching for archived subject

  2. Tap the Edit Subject button

    Screenshot of the subject view with the edit button highlighted

  3. Tap Activate and the Subject will be activated.

    NOTE: if the Subject was initially Activated over a year ago, you will receive a prompt confirming this will consume a Subject Activation.

    Screen shot of Edit Subject with Activate highlighted