K-D Balance

Last Updated: May 28, 2020

The K-D Balance App allows you to administer a K-D Balance test directly on the iPhone or iPod and sync with your BOS (Balance Online System) account. For optimal performance, it is recommended to use the same calibrated device for testing. If you have not calibrated your device see Calibrating K-D Balance(iOS)

  1. Select the Subject that you would like to test. Tap Start Test.

    Gif of navigating to a subject and starting a test

  2. View the Test Preview and then tap Continue to proceed.

    1. K-D Balance should be used with a compatible static device holder. Place the device in the device holder oriented vertically. Tighten the straps of the static device holder to position the device at the midline of the chest. If you need to purchase a device holder, contact sales@kingdevick.com for a list of available vendors.

    2. K-D Balance allows for three stances: Double leg, tandem right, tandem left.

      Double Leg Stance: the subject stands with feet together, places hands on the hips with the eyes closed.

      image of double leg stance

      Tandem Right Stance: the subject stands with the right heel directly in front of the left toes with feet in one straight line, place hands on the hips, with eyes closed.

      image of Tandem Right

      Tandem Left Stance: the subject should place the left heel directly in front of the right toes with feet in one straight line, place hands on the hips, with eyes closed.

      image of Tandem Left

  3. Select which stances to include in the K-D Balance test. Tap Continue.

    Select Test Screen

  4. Follow the K-D Balance audio guidance for the selected stance(s). When the Subject is positioned in the testing stance, tap Start Test.

    Start Test Screen

  5. Following a 5 second countdown, the Subject should maintain the stance for the 20 second duration of the test.

    Mid-test screenshot

  6. K-D Balance will continue to the next selected testing stance(s). Continue until all stance have been completed. After all selected testing stances are complete, K-D Balance results are displayed. Enter tester initials, details on specific footwear used during testing, and any comments or notes.

    Test Result Screen

  7. Tap Save Test to save and return to the Subject’s profile.

    Subject details page with test record and graph