K-D Test Pro Monitoring

Last Updated: February 21, 2020
  1. Search for the Subject you would like to administer the K-D Test for and tap the arrow to view the Subject. Tap the King-Devick Test button in the top right. gif of navigating to a subject view

  2. The instructional page will appear, be sure to read this in its entirety. You will also be presented with options for Automatic Speech Recognition(ASR), the Test Set, and Number of Cards. Once you have set them, tap Start to proceed to the Test.

    ASR: Automatic Speech Recognition is an optional feature that uses your device’s microphone and speech technology to provide automatic accuracy estimates during your Subject’s K-D Test. This setting can be enabled when creating a new Subject or if the Subject is edited. ASR requires Subject permission and can be used on a pertest basis.
    Test Set: Test sets are the same King-Devick task with different number sets to minimize memorization. As the Test administrator, be sure to have the corresponding Test Set Score Sheet to follow along for errors.
    Number of Cards: Test administrators can select the number of Test Cards administered to the Subject.

    Screenshot of instructions page
  3. The Demonstration Card will be shown first, showing the Subject how to read the Test Cards. During Testing, the subject should hold the head still and move the eyes only, without using a finger to follow along, while calling the numbers. Timing will automatically begin after continuing to the Demonstration card (the Demo and Break cards are not timed.) The subject should immediately begin reading numbers aloud on the Test cards, tapping the screen at the end of each card. Repeat the procedure for Test Cards II and III. An error is recorded for each omission, substitution, and transposition. If a Subject skips a line, 5 errors (omissions) should be recorded demonstration card showing sample lines

  4. On the Results Screen, enter the Test Administrator's initials and record any errors committed by the Subject. Tap Confirm Test to continue. Enter results screen

  5. You will be presented with the results of the test as compared to age based normative data. Tap Accept to save the test (it is not saved until you do so). gif of clicking add additional activations and adding packages

A note regarding ASR:
If a subject has ASR enabled and turned ON during testing, the errors will automatically appear following K-D Test completion. Review Automatic Speech Recognition Results and confirm the total number of errors.
ASR results review

  • Easily compare the Expected and Automatic Speech Recognition Results. Estimated scores are highlighted in the Automatic speech Recognition Results.
  • Addition Errors and the estimated number of errors are highlighted in BLUE. Tap to view the Estimated Errors
  • Omission and Transposition Errors are highlighted in RED.
  • Audio Playback is available by tapping on the audio button. Review and confirm the total number of errors.